Ascensionate is a small company based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. We are creating awesome mobile apps, games and (opensource) software for everyone.

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Pickup+ App

Social Network Based on Pickup Lines

Android iOS

Pickup+ is a social network app based on pickup lines and has already more than 300.000 downloads! This app allows users to share their pickup lines with the rest of the users around the globe. You can filter through all the pickup lines and break them down in categories to use them at the right spot.

Extra Services

Are you interested in marketing your brand through one of our products? We are now accepting custom advertisement requests which we can bake into our products. We currently offer the options below.

* Prices are estimated after first contact.

Mobile Marketing

We can completely embed your brand into the layout of our apps. Contact us to discuss the location of your ad placement.

Website Marketing

Displaying your brand on our website with backlinks is also an option to promote your brand through us. Your brand will get its own custom location.

Custom App Suiting Your Brand

Do you already have a brand/community and want to create a custom app for it? We can bring your app idea to life and even manage the app for you. Contact us for more details.

Contact Us

Do you want to contact us about one of our products or services? Or do you have another question? You can send us a mail at support@ascensionate.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.